SFF’s Easter Giveaway: Cat and the Fiddle Cake

Cat and the Fiddle is a recently launched 24/7 cheesecake specialist e-shop that was conceptualised by Daniel Tay, Bakerzin’s founder who resigned half a year ago to set up a food supply company. Cat and the Fiddle is one of his projects to offer gourmet cakes at affordable prices.

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I was given a voucher to try one of the cakes, compliments of Cat and The Fiddle. I haven’t gotten around to getting mine yet but thought it would be a good idea to run a giveaway for a few flavours that I found interesting so I can “taste” vicariously through my readers. If you win a cake, please tell me what you think and/or tag me (@superfinefeline) in your Instagram posts.

* 2 lucky readers stand to win a Cat and the Fiddle cake each.

Cat and the Fiddle - Paws of Fury 2
Paws of Fury @ S$24.90
Reinterpreted traditional ‘yuan yang’ cheesecake with 3 parts espresso & 7 parts HK-style milk tea
*Image reproduced with permission from Cat and the Fiddle

This is for the teetotalers and caffeine addicts (like me! :P). This sounded interesting as I love coffee and Hong Kong-style Milk Tea but was never a fan of ‘Yuan Yang’ even though some of my friends are addicted to it. If you’re a ‘Yuan Yang’ 鸳鸯 fan, this could be the cake for you! 😉

Cat and the Fiddle - The Emperor's Romance 1
The Emperor’s Romance @ S$24.90
A luscious lychee cheesecake blended with an amazing concoction of tropical lychees & Martini
*Image reproduced with permission from Cat and the Fiddle

This is for those who like a little alcohol just for kicks! If Lychee Martini’s one of your favourite drinks, why don’t you give this a try and tell me if it works well in a cheesecake?


How to win?

  • Send me an email / comment below / write on my FB wall to tell me which cake (eg. Paws of Fury / The Emperor’s Romance) you’d like to win and why!
  • Deadline: Midnight on 23 Apr 2014.
  • The 2 winners will be announced on Facebook on 24 / 25 Apr 2014.
  • Duplicate entries will be disqualified.
  • Only valid for residents of Singapore.
  • Collection of the cakes will be at 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #03-28/28A The Central (Thank you, Cat & the Fiddle for waiving the collection fees.) 
  • Any delivery charges (if you arrange for a delivery) will be borne by yourself.
  • Winners will have to provide me with their full name, email address, contact number,  preferred collection date and time via email by 8 pm on 27 Apr 2014 so that I can purchase the items on your behalf.
  • To protect your privacy, please do not post your personal details in the comments nor on my FB wall.
  • This giveaway is not sponsored by Cat & the Fiddle (except for the waiver of collection fees).
  • The cost for the cakes are fully borne by me. Have an awesome Easter weekend, everybody!

PS: Keep a lookout for a 2nd batch of flavours after the winners for this giveaway have been announced and I cross 1,500 followers on Instagram. 😉

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24 Responses to “SFF’s Easter Giveaway: Cat and the Fiddle Cake”

  1. I would love to try The Emperors Romance as I love lychee cakes as well as cheesecakes. It would be wonderful to try a cake that is actually a combination of my two favourite cakes!!

    • Thanks for your entry, Valerie. I love lychee and cheesecake too. I haven’t tried this myself but I have to say, it sounds really yummy! If you do win the cake, don’t forget to let me know what you think! Good luck, babe! 😉

  2. I love lychee, I love martini, I love drinking lychee marttini by a platter of cheese and I LOVE your blog 🙂 It will be really cool if I get to try The Emperor’s Romance from my favourite food blogger.

    • Ooh, I love Lychee Martini too but have never had it with a platter of cheese before. Hmm, now that you put the idea in my mind…hmm… 😛 Thanks for your entry, Say Eng, and I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog. Don’t forget to let me know what you thought of the cake if you win, ok? Good luck! 😉

  3. I love them both, since I love anything cheesy, haha…

    But if I have to pick only one, I’ll pick Paws of Fury.

    Yuan Yang (coffee and tea mix) flavor, it must have took the chef and his/her team some time to balance and perfect as they are both strong in taste, so having struck a balance and not having it overpower each other, will be an interesting and yummy experience 😀

  4. The Emperor’s Romance exudes style and substance, aesthetically appealing and I’m certain it tastes amazing! The combination of lychee and martini has always been exciting and this should be no different. I love what seems like burnt meringues on the top, which add a real colour and most definitely an added dimension of texture to the cake.
    I would certainty love to have the Emperor’s Romance for these reasons. Not to mention my fiancée’s birthday is that week and her favourite flavor is lychee martini, so it’ll be wonderful to be able to celebrate her birthday with this cake!

  5. I would pick Paws of Fury. As I’m coffee & tea lover, this is the first time I come across that cake made by 3 parts espresso & 7 parts HK-style milk tea. I guess this will satisfied my taste buds to the max. I hope I have a chance to treat my sweet tooth.

  6. I’d like to have Emperor’s Romance, I think it’s a good fusion of lychee martini & cheesecake!

  7. I want to win the Paws of Fury. My mum loves both coffee and tea and with this special cake, she doesn’t have to pick a side and can enjoy the best of both worlds. This unique cake will be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her to show my love and appreciation.

  8. Its the best gift for mummy meow meow . Pls letme have paws of fury. I have not tried it n it make my mum’s birthday a memorable one

  9. Teo Yee Long April 20, 2014 at 9:44 pm Reply

    The Emperor’s Romance because this cake will be suitable for my daughters who love to eat cakes and lychees too!

  10. Joeanne Shim April 20, 2014 at 9:47 pm Reply

    if I can have my wish, I will want both! But I’m not greedy, so The Emperor’s Romance will be perfect to satisfy my constant craving for cheese cakes… Thanks for the giveaway

  11. Give me the chance to Romance the Emperor! 🙂

  12. Geraldine Chew April 22, 2014 at 6:26 pm Reply

    I would LOVE to try The Emperor’s Romance! Lychee martini is my fav! and as bart simpson would say, everyone else get your grubby meat hooks off my cheese cakeeee!! 😛

  13. I want The Emperor’s Romance because it looks so yummy

  14. I am a cheesecake fanatic! Let me “Romance the Emperor” please

  15. Hope to try the “Romance the Emperor”. Such a tempting name and from picture it looks so good!

  16. Romance the Emperor. One of the best alcoholic drinks coupled with one of the best desserts, this choice is a piece of.. cake!

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